Holmris Group

HOLMRIS CROUP consists of three strong brands, each with its own profile and mission.

 is a family owned company, and through 3 generations Holmris has supplied the Danish living-and project market with premium-quality furniture. Since 1994 we have specialized in manufacturing office furniture and are now among the most innovative Danish companies within the furniture industry. We keep constantly focus on ergonomics, functionality, design and trends, and our furniture meet today´s requirements to modern quality furniture.

LABOFA A/S is a Danish furniture manufacturer that specializes in the development and production of chairs and furniture for educational environments, public and private offices. After a change of ownership in 2008, the strategy has been to develop a conceptual collection of furniture and chairs with a focus on quality, innovation, flexibility, ergonomics and design – in which users perceive a clear Labofa DNA.

Originally Labofa began producing school furniture in 1947. And in recent years, this market segment has again become a focus area, aiming at the development of chairs for children and young people in primary, secondary education and other learning environments. The goal is to create an interior with a certain profile for the target group.

The series COBRA, SHARK, GROOVY, REEF, RAY and TORO are the results of the above strategy. They were developed in close dialogue with students and decision-makers in the educational sector and the architects behind the designs Hans Thyge & Co. and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.

Labofa launched the first office chair in 1950 – and in 1995 introduced the world-renowned series of EGO office seating, which to date was delivered in more than 1 million copies. In the summer of 2014 the new office chairs series FOX was introduced.

Visit: www.labofa.com - See profile video: Labofa

SPACES BY HOLMRIS was launched as a new brand in January 1, 2014, by Bjerringbro based Holmris Office A/S.

Spaces by Holmris is a Danish sales company, specialized in high quality design furniture to the contract market, with a strong focus on design and functionality. The company´s goal is to introduce creative and  innovative space solutions with focus on acoustics, technology and surfaces.

We work innovatively towards creating products for touchdown and informal meeting zones because people need space for knowledge-sharing and contemplation. Our products meet market requirements and demands for functional furniture designated for these areas. Thoughtful work designs and comfortable space solutions are of highest importance to us, as these factors provide users with a perception of a great work environment.

Beyond our standard products, we engage in collaboration with customers and architects on standard and tailor-made projects with designated furniture adapting to modern and visionary interior design solutions.

The products are designed by our own design-team, Gate95 - and some of the industry´s most talented and innovative designers.

visit: www.spacesbyholmris.com


ISO certification - Environment:

It is with great pride Holmris Office is now announced to be “eco-friendly company”. We have formulated objects and plans of action to reduce exposure in every part of the company, and was ISO 14001 certified in 2009.

Being an eco-friendly company means implementing a “green line” with an ongoing focus on exposure, consumption, emissions and waste. Additionally we will each year draw up a plan of action to reduce these. Employees are also required to be environmentally conscious and act according to plans of action.

An ISO Certificate is a trustworthy signal to the outside world, that we take environmental management serious.

Quality Control:

The objective of Danish Furniture Maker´s Quality Control is to work for production of Danish high-quality furniture. This objective is secured through high demands on materials, production methods, products and factory control visits. Furniture with the patented Danish Furniture Makers´ Quality Control labels is a sign of impeccable quality. Furniture fulfilling high requirements with regard to materials, production methods and to its stability, strength and durability.