Conference, café, canteen table and chairs

We offer a wide and flexible selection of conference-, café, canteen tables and chairs for the modern décor of office environment.

Conference, café & canteen

A meeting room is an important part of any workplace and should inspire to exchange new and dynamic thinking...

Conference Table DO1100

The DO1100 table series was designed by B&O designer Anders Hermansen, and it consists of the most versatile and flexible meeting and conference tables in the world. The tables are also suitable for cafeterias, as work tables, or as exclusive dining room tables.

Calfa 35 - Møde-, kantine & Lounge bord

Calfa 35 - Meeting and canteen table

Calfa - meeting and canteen table

Calfa 50 møde- eller kantine bord

Calfa 50 - Meeting and canteen table

Calfa 50 - Meeting and canteen table.

Groovy Table

Groovy Table

Groovy - Meeting and canteen table